Manukau Real Estate Sales – A Busiest Month in 14 Years

Manukau real estate sales experienced their busiest month ever in 14 years in May. REINZ chief executive Bindi Norwell noted strong investor buying prior to loan to value restrictions being reinstated this month.

Auckland City, Franklin, North Shore, Papakura and Waitakere all set new median prices this month for the second month running.

Manukau real estate sales

Property Sales

Manukau is one of Auckland’s major metropolitan centers, yet has yet to achieve its full potential. As a result, its central area has experienced crime, inadequate accommodation and ineffective public services – major challenges facing this part of Auckland.

Manukau’s transformation should take place as an integrated process, to boost and develop its social, economic, and physical attributes. To accomplish this, government and delivery partners will need a strategic response via the creation of a High Level Project Plan (HLPP), outlining an ambitious vision for Manukau.

The High Level Planning Project will outline the strategic planning approach of Transform Manukau project and will detail considerations related to implementation and realisation of its strategy. Furthermore, this document will detail Panuku, other Councils, and private sector participation in its delivery.

An important goal of the HLPP is to ensure it contributes towards empowering communities, improving socio-economic well-being and creating quality urban environments oriented around people. To do so effectively requires taking an integrated approach that aligns with local and regional plans, work programmes and community interests.

Under these circumstances, there are various opportunities to develop and optimize property holdings in the central area – specifically Hayman Park, Pacific Events centre and Puhinui stream.

These sites require special consideration for upgrading and improving their amenity, and are essential in creating the ‘planning destination playground’ that has been identified as the primary goal for this central area.

There may also be opportunities to increase efficiency and quality of service at existing properties in the central area, including Kotuku House and Manukau Plaza. These could be utilized differently to maximize their benefit to the community while offering opportunities for other business uses as necessary.

There are various opportunities for revitalizing and restructuring the city center, creating new places that make an impactful difference to lives in the region. Some projects may be short term; others will require further investigation in framework planning phases in order to understand their fit with an overall transformation strategy.

Property Rentals

Manukau offers plenty of property opportunities for renters, buyers and landlords. Harman provides excellent property management services that make renting easier – engaging their services can create happy tenants while increasing profitability for landlords and investors. Finding the right people at key positions is key; always ask plenty of questions when in the dark!

Property Management

Manukau offers an abundance of real estate opportunities, from affordable ex-state housing to classic Kiwi brick and tile properties. Finding your ideal property is key to any successful real estate portfolio; find it now in Manukau!

One effective way to ensure that your money is going where it needs to go is through hiring an experienced property manager. These individuals possess an in-depth knowledge of the local laws and regulations, can handle maintenance issues on your behalf, and reduce tenant stress through screening processes such as background checks.

Finding your ideal agent requires speaking to several, before making a final decision. Finding someone that matches up well with your unique requirements will save you time, stress and money in the long run – Property Corner’s team will do all the legwork so you can focus on what truly matters!

Property Investment

Manukau real estate sales offer investors numerous investment opportunities. As one of the nation’s fastest-growing cities, Manukau boasts diverse demographics that present opportunities across a range of price points.

Investment property can be an excellent way to both build your assets and increase income. Before embarking on this path, however, it’s essential that you understand all of its associated risks – this means ensuring that you’re financially stable with no debts that put your finances at risk.

An experienced real estate agent can assist in finding you a property in the perfect location that meets all of your requirements, while providing information about local amenities, transport links and shops.

For large purchases, it is wise to hire an agent with extensive local expertise who will ensure you find the best value for your money. Doing this will guarantee you get the best return.

Before purchasing any properties, it’s advisable to speak to an accountant so they can advise you of any tax implications and how you must report earnings and expenses – this advice is particularly pertinent if you plan to rent out the property in question.

An experienced property manager can ensure you make the most of your investment, by providing inspection reports and copies of all paperwork so that you’re assured you’re making sound decisions.

Real estate markets may currently be experiencing difficulty, yet investors who are willing to take a chance still have opportunities available. Ray White Manukau agent Levani Lumon noted that their company was currently witnessing sales of properties between $250,000 to $400,000 that offered great bargains for buyers willing to take an increased risk.

Property investors with good knowledge can purchase a three-bedroom, detached house with garage for under $300,000. This makes an excellent way for anyone wanting to own their own home and take advantage of a regular income stream and long-term capital appreciation.

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